Movie Poster
"Sam" T-shirt with 2-color fade effect
3-color T-Shirt
Retro Button, designed to look like the original 1975 button.
"Travel" postcard. Background image by Jack Kirby ©Barry Ira Geller. Other images from NASA archive.
Sticker with 2-color fade. Art by Jack Kirby ©Barry Ira Geller
Circle-cut sticker design. Image from NASA archive. 
"All Access Pass" promotional card.
Wrap-around mug design. Art by Jack Kirby ©Barry Ira Geller

Other projects:

Lexus National Dealer Meeting Graphics 2012
The Bogmen: Lookin' For Heaven In The Barrio
X Games Press Lounge "Food Truck"
The Games Place
modHero 2010 (Part 2)
Geeks OUT: "McKellen Me Softly" Tribute Show
modHero 2014
MoMA Appointment Calendar
MoMA Calendar Sketches and Out-Takes
Deco Droids
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